Want Healthy in 2018? Reduce Sugar Consumption


Starting from breakfast until dinner, without realizing it was not a few of us who have much sugar.

In fact, eating too much sugar is not good for health.

one way to keep the body healthy by controlling the consumption of sugar.It is not easy if the tongue that has been accustomed to food or sugary drinks should suddenly reduce it drastically.

To make it easier, start reducing it at breakfast.If you’re a regular breakfast with cereal or grain, consume without having to process it first.If it still had to eat sweet, eat bread by applying a teaspoon of jam on it.

At lunch, try not to drink sweet drinks containing sugar.If you have the habit of drinking sugary drinks replace it with water.Yogurt containing the natural sweetness of the fruit is much better than low-calorie soft drinks.If you start to feel hungry between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner, eat fruit as a snack to hold off hunger.

When shopping at the supermarket, look at the table of nutritional foods are usually found on the side or back of the package.Choose foods with sugar, butter or eggs is low.

Reducing the consumption of sugar-sweetened foods or beverages is also applied to children.Before the age of 3 years, children are only encouraged to consume water, milk products, and fruit puree.

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