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There are many relationship myths that can cause people to have unrealistic views of relationships. These can lead to unrealistic expectations as well. We have complied a list of many of the top relationship myths to help end the confusion.

1. Everyone, at some point, will be willing to settle down when they are ready and meet the right person. This is simply false. Not everyone will. It is not just a matter of waiting someone out until they do. Some people will never settle down.

2. Living together leads to marriage. In the past that was more common, but nowadays? No. Living together does not mean at some point your relationship will lead to marriage. Especially if you moved in together way too quickly.

3. Fighting or disagreeing is not a part of a healthy relationship. That is false. There is nothing wrong with an occasional argument or disagreement of opinion or belief. Great couples do not have to agree on everything and share the same beliefs either. What is important is how the fights or disagreements are handled. If they can be discussed like adults without things escalating, that is healthy. If every little disagreements leads to shouting and acting out, then there is a bigger problem in play. What is also important is if the arguments or disagreements never get resolved. Having the same issues over and over again without any resolution is a sign dysfunction.

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4. It is always best to express your feelings when you feel them. Not always the case. Some times things are better left unsaid until the time is right to unload your feelings. There is a time and a place for everything. Choosing when and where to express your feelings to your loved one the right way can lead to a better reception.

Top 10 Relationship Myths

Top 10 Relationship Myths

5. All problems can be solved. Sorry, but this one is a myth as well. Not all problems in relationships can be solved. Sometimes one person (or both) isn’t willing to make a change or compromise and never will. Also, the couple could be compatible in almost every way except an area that is of vital importance to the relationship.

6. Love conquers all. This one, sadly, is also a myth. Sometimes love brings out the best in us and sometimes it brings out the worst in us. If love is bringing out the worst in a couple (or only one partner) the relationship progressively get more toxic.

7. In the best relationships the couple does everything together. This is another myth as well. Yes, some really great couples with fantastic relationships do everything together. But, some really great couples with fantastic relationships don’t do everything together. People are not all the same, and what works for some couple doesn’t work for others.

8. If you have problems in your relationship, it’s a sign you are not meant to be together. This fairy tale is a big myth. I’m sure there are some couples out there that have never had a problem, but there are more that have had their fair share. It’s how you work through the struggles and bad times together (and as individuals) that counts. So do not think that just because your relationship hit a speed bump that it is a sure sign to bail.

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9. Great sex equals a great relationship. Well, great sex equals a great sexual relationship. If you want a great relationship, you need more than just great sex to sustain it. Great sex alone won’t keep a couple together if they are not on the same page and are not compatible outside the bedroom. Also, great sex won’t necessarily lead to a relationship either.

10. Change will come if I wait it out. Wrong. Change only come from effort. If you are waiting around for someone to make a change and don’t see an effort, stop waiting. Move on because chances are you won’t see them ever make the changes you want them too.

We would love to hear your experiences with any relationship myths. Please submit to our list by putting it in the comments below.

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