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Relationship neglect is common in adult relationships. Since neglect is doing nothing, most people feel if they are doing nothing, that is better than doing something wrong. Neglect can destroy even the best of relationships over time.

A couple could start out making a sacrifice for one of their careers. They agree that right now one partner has to put a lot of time into their career and they will spend less time together. But how long can this go on before the couple grows apart? How long can the relationship suffer from neglect before it one or both partners are lonely?

Very often the partner who is focusing on their career gets used to the relationship being a low priority and never fixes the imbalance. It becomes the way of life and how their relationship rolls. Well that kind of neglect cannot continue indefinitely or the relationship is headed for a breakup. Partners are willing to make sacrifices but not for too long and not forever. It’s ridiculous to think the relationship could survive intact when so little time and attention are being put into it.

Relationship Neglect

Relationship Neglect

Emotional neglect is also damaging to relationships. Being too busy or distracted to provide the level of emotional support their partner needs becomes a real issue down the line. That is one of the main things a partner in a relationship is supposed to provide: emotional support. Who do you expect to do it for you? The person they wind up with after they break up with you? Better watch out or that is exactly what will happen.

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To feel close to someone, bonded to them, you need to feel emotionally supported by them. When you are not emotionally supported you feel lonely and feel a distance growing in the relationship. You may not need emotional support as much or as often as your partner does. That’s fine for you to want/need less, but you are not them. You have to accept they may need more affection, attention, or time together than you do, and that it is okay. Don’t get angry with them, make fun of them, or dismiss them. They have a right to be themselves the same as you do.

Relationship neglect can also be physical as well. Some people need more kissing, hugging and sex than their partner. It helps them to feel connected to their partner, especially if they don’t get to spend as much time together for whatever reason. There may be excuses, but those excuses will only buy you so much time before the relationship beings to unravel.

Relationship neglect comes in many forms and all do significant damage to a relationship. You may think you have been getting away with it, but don’t push your luck because the breaking point will be reached down the line. If you are suffering from relationship neglect, don’t wait any longer to address it. If not by words, then do it with action.

The post Relationship Neglect appeared first on Relationships Reality.

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