say to love

What’s your reaction when a guy or even a crush you say ‘I love you‘ to you?

Happy, happy, touched, hysterical, or any other crazy thing you’re going to do?

But, what if the words ‘I love you’ that he had never said? Sad? Confusion? Certainly!
And without you knowing, other than the words ‘I love you’, and guys too often really know words that have the same meaning as the words ‘I love you’. These words are other forms that do the guy to show that in fact, he is already in love with you.
in addition to the words ‘I love you’, the following are other words that will be spoken when the guy in love with you. Curious? Let’s check it out!

1. “You inspire me”


Being pretty, sexy, smart by some guys will make you think that he just seduces you. The words are commonly used any guy in the hearts of women he likes. But, if there is a guy who expresses if you’re inspired him in many ways, it indicates that he is a real fall in love with you. Believe me!

2. “If there is a problem, do not hesitate story to me. I’m ready to listen to you! “

story to me

The guy who really likes you will always try to give attention to the excess. One is to say that sentence. They certainly want to be able to share any burden to her problem that you may not undergo your hard period alone.
In addition, he also wanted to be someone who can be relied upon. Either by phone or only via a short message. He wants you to share the burden you feel that the problem you face does not make you worse off. Plus, with you contacted will exalt him hope that your relationship is getting closer.

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3. “Your smile is really sweet, I like.”

Your smile

Your smile

This sentence may seem ragged. But seriously you know if there is a guy who said it to you, sign he has more sense to you. Because your smile will always be the shadow. In addition, this is also proof that he wants you to always smile, do not want to see you sad. So, do not forget to always give your sweet smile for him, yes!

4. “I want you, nothing else.”

I want you

Well if there is a guy who openly says such, surely he fell in love with the same reality you, you know. He was not going to make the codes are confusing and just want you to be his alone. So, if there is a guy who says like this to you, you must be sensitive yes and certainly should not be wasted.

5. “I’m glad to meet you.”

meet you

If there was a guy who told me like this to you already confirmed he likes you. Guys tend to have a cool nature, so often from those who are reluctant to express whatever he feels. Therefore, if some guy talking like this direct to you, as a woman you have to be sensitive, yes. Do not let your insensitivity even turn him away.

6. “I want to introduce you to a relative or friend to me.”


The last but definitely. If there was a guy who told you like this to you, that’s for sure she thinks you are an important person to him. Because the family, relatives, and friends for a guy are people who are very important and meaningful in his life. So, if there is a guy say something like this to you, congratulation!



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