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Are you too passive in your relationship? Many people wind up being too passive in their relationships for several reasons. One reason is because they are afraid to speak up for them selves, and another because they do not like what they feel is confrontation. Some people are too passive because they choose to be the peacemaker. Regardless of the reason, if you are too passive in your relationship you are not going to wind up happy with the relationship you are creating. Many people do not realize they are being too passive in their relationships so we created a list of signs to help you recognize if you are too passive with your romantic partner?

Signs of Being Too Passive

1. You no longer do the things that were important or fun for you. If you have given up, for instance, going to the gym because your partner discourages you going or you chose to in order to do what they want to do you have made a mistake. Your life should be complimented by your partner, not devoured. What kept you healthy and/or happy should still be a part of your life. Giving up negative habits or behaviors is one thing, giving up positive things is another.

Are You Too Passive in Your Relationship?

Are You Too Passive in Your Relationship?

2. You don’t make decisions in the relationship, you leave them all up to the one you love. You should have an equal say and equal role in your relationship because what you say and how you feel should be respected and important. If you always let your partner pick where you go out to eat when you have a place in mind or somewhere you would rather go you are being too passive. You are also creating an imbalance in your relationship where the world revolves around only one of you. This is not acting as a couple, but as only one person.

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3. If the pace your relationship is moving either too slow or too fast for your comfort zone, you are being too passive. It should not be up to one person how fast or how slow the relationship moves. You need to voice your opinion and concerns and bring your relationships speed into your comfort zone.

4. You have lost a lot of your people. If you have ditched a lot of your friends and/or family members you are being too passive. Your friends and family had a good place in your life before your partner came along and should still have a significant role in your life.

5. If you have built up resentment you aren’t doing the relationship any favors. Stop being passive and instead begin to express your feelings of displeasure. Instead of brewing on the inside, let it out and hopefully that can then create some change and a more healthy balance within your relationship.

If you are too passive in your relationships, and you know it, please share with us some of your experiences in the comments section below.

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The post Are You Too Passive in Your Relationship? appeared first on Relationships Reality.



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