Month: January 2018

Beware of Ladies! Here are 6 Playboy Characteristics You Should Avoid

Playboy men are usually very obsessed with conquering a woman’s heart and leaving her when she falls in love. If you find a man like this you should be vigilant and even avoiding him if he is proven to approach you because he will surely hurt you.Well, this is the characteristic of playboy man, let’s just look at the following.   1. Look attractive or have a handsome face A Cassanova or playboy man has a handsome face because his face is his precious asset.You will not find a playboy man who is stinky, smelly, and filthy.He realized that...

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Still tricked friend zone? – View this Video

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Want Healthy in 2018? Reduce Sugar Consumption

Starting from breakfast until dinner, without realizing it was not a few of us who have much sugar. In fact, eating too much sugar is not good for health. one way to keep the body healthy by controlling the consumption of sugar.It is not easy if the tongue that has been accustomed to food or sugary drinks should suddenly reduce it drastically. To make it easier, start reducing it at breakfast.If you’re a regular breakfast with cereal or grain, consume without having to process it first.If it still had to eat sweet, eat bread by applying a teaspoon of...

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Boys, this 16 Things That Make Women Fall in Love in 2018!

New year, new day, a new spirit, new person, and of course also new love (or even old love just still not succeed to declare it because it can not melt the heart of him). It’s time to launch your latest tactics! Quiet boys, because in this new year you can begin to reorganize the strategy to make him yield and could eventually reciprocate your feelings and get started early happy together. Indeed, going as gorgeous and cool as any women who are you to pursue (based on an assessment of each you know, yes!), Eventually, they will melt...

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Singles in the Beginning of 2018? 4 Reasons This Could Be Cause

The start of the new year will soon arrive and you are getting ready to celebrate. Unfortunately, there is one thing lacking is a lover, yes you are still single at the moment you begin to celebrate your new year. More sadly it seems that your friends already have lovers and not even a few who are married. Now is the time you should be introspection why it could happen to you. Could be maybe 4 things this is the cause. 1. To Voters may want to get the ideal man that you desperately desire.But think back do not...

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